Opel Omega

The original Omega went into production in September 1986, as a Replacement for the last version of this Opel Rekord, that had been in production since 1978. Revenue began in November. The body was designed as an evolution of the previous Opel design theme engineered more towards aerodynamics in perspective of higher gas prices and the general drive towards greater fuel efficiency. The result was a remarkable drag coefficient of all 0.28 (0.32 for the Caravan). The entire development program price two billion Deutschmarks. The united kingdom market version of the final generation of Rekord was advertised since the Vauxhall Carlton, and this nameplate was retained for the new car.

Late In 1986, it was voted European Car of the Year for 1987, ahead of this highly-acclaimed new variants of the Audi 80 and BMW 7 Series. When compared with this Rekord, the Omega featured several contemporary technological advances, which have been brand new to Opel generally, if not into the quantity segment European automotive industry.

These Included electronic engine management, ABS, on board computer (which exhibited parameters such as momentary fuel consumption or average rate ), air conditioned glove compartment as well as the then hip LCD tool cluster (available in CD variation from 1987 but dropped in 1991). More to the point, the Omega came using a self diagnose system (which is now a regular feature in present day automobiles ), whose output may be read by suitably armed janitorial service channels.

The Omega A’s system has been also modified to form the foundation of the Australian second creation Holden Commodore up to 1997, commencing with the 1988 VN series.

The 1994 Omega B has been an all new car with a Contemporary outdoor design, but a standard rear wheel drive . The engine range was new. The Omega B’s system was also modified to form the basis of this Australian third generation Holden Commodore around 2006, starting with the 1997 VT series.

This Was 1995 Semperit Irish Car of the Year at Ireland, and 1995 RJC Car of the Year for Import Car of the Year in Japan.

Leaked Pictures of a design studio mockup, featuring Opel badges and”D” plates, Appeared in Europe in February 1990. The media at the time described the new Saloon like coupĂ© enjoy, Meanwhile, the Cadillac Aurora introduced From General Motors in the 1990 Chicago Auto Prove in February, was the concept automobile that

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