Opel Calibra

The Opel Calibra is a coupé, engineered and produced by theGerman automaker Opel between 1989 and 1997. In the uk, in which it remainedavailable before 1999, it had been sold under the Vauxhall new since theVauxhall Calibra. It was also marketed as the Chevrolet Calibra at SouthAmerica by Chevrolet, and the Holden Calibra in Australia and New Zealand byHolden.

The Calibra was introduced to counter the Japanese sportcoupés, of the conclusion of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s. It employsthe running gear of their very first production Opel Vectra, which had beenestablished in October 1988. Calibra production was based from the Opel factoryin Rüsselsheim, Germany, along with the Valmet Automotive mill in Uusikaupunki,Finland, in which production was merged in November 1995.

The Calibra was initially only available with front-wheel drive, however, from November 1990, four-wheel-drivebecame available.


As a front-wheel push three door hatchback coupé based onthe Vectra Achassis, its ride and handling are not much better than that oftheir huge household from which it grew.

Though it had a stiffer chassis as a complete (better torsional rigidityin NM/Deg). The 4WD turbo version of the automobile, that had independent rear suspension, featured the rear axle of this Omega A with some minor alterations for this.

It remained the very aerodynamic mass manufacturing car for the next ten decades, before the Honda Insight, together with the Audi A2, were started equally in 1999, with a Cd of 0.25.

All later 16V, V6, 4×4 and turbo versions had a more demanding Cd of 0.29, due to changes in cooling system, underbody, use of spoked wheels and glass depth

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